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Social Network Harvester supports data harvesting on VKontakte (vk.com).

To ensure the full functionality of the SNH, the language of the survey account must be set to English!

The following is possible with the SNH VKontakte module:


  • Saving the public contact list of a profile
  • Save all public contacts 2nd degree
  • Saving the public contributions of a profile’s Timeline (including images, comments, and reactions)
  • Saving the picture galleries of person profiles
  • Save single posting


  • Saving the public members or followers of a group
  • Saving the image galleries of groups
  • Save the public contributions of the Timeline of groups (including pictures, comments, and reactions)
  • Save single posting

Save Friends

The scraping of the basic data of all those profiles that have a connection to the target profile (friends) as well as those profiles that have a connection with the friends of the target profile is possible here.

SNH offers the following scan options:

  • Scan Depth (friends, friends of friends)
  • Connection type (friends/ follower)
  • Save profile pictures of accounts (connections, reactions, comments)
  • Update the collected dataset

Save group member

The function “Save group member” can only be used when you access the group page. Click on the marked icon to download the group members. Please note that the group must either be public or you must be a member of the corresponding group to collect data.

Here you have the exact same options as for the “Save Friends” function. Therefore the options are not listed again here.

Save Timeline Postings of a profile or a group

With this function the public timeline postings of a profile or a group can be saved.

General / Groups

  • the scope of information to be collected can be specified (e.g. the entire timeline, only recent posts, or only in the specific time period)
  • Postings images can be saved
  • Posted videos can be saved
  • Reactions (e.g. likes) to the postings can be saved
  • Comments can be saved
  • Save profile pictures of accounts that have given reactions can be saved
  • Save single posting

Save Images of a profile or a group

Public photo albums are loaded for the selected accounts. You can select whether the reactions should be saved and which albums are to be saved.

Here you have the options:

  • Save or discard reactions to the images
  • Save profile pictures of accounts that have given reactions can be saved

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