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Social Network Harvester supports data harvesting in public groups and channels in Telegram.

The following is possible with the SNH Telegram module:

  • Save group members
  • Save timeline posts
  • Save text messages
  • Save text postings
  • Save pictures
  • Save videos
  • Save videos in group chats
  • Save status messages (only: enter group, leave group)
  • Save references between chat messages (e.g. through replies)
  • (NEW) Save comments from channel posts

Note: Recognition of profiles works only the first time the web page is accessed. To manually start a Profile Recognition, just click the following Button in the Browser explorer:

Profiles/Groups/Channels are identified by a unique number sequence, which is saved by the SNH as User ID 2.  The User ID 1 is often the same as User ID 2 but can be changed by the associated user.

SNH Telegram project files end with “.SNG”

Postings are saved via, chatmessages of groups via 

Save Timeline


  • the scope of information to be collected can be specified(e.g. the entire timeline, only recent posts, or only in the specific time period)
  • Posting images can be saved
  • Videos of postings can be saved
  • Reactions (e.g. likes) can be saved
  • Profile pictures of accounts that have given reactions can be saved
  • Comments can be saved


Saves the Timeline of the Group in the way you have set it (f.e. in a specific time range) for further processing into the Chat explorer and saves the corresponding group members into the Data exporer.


Saves the Timeline of the channel in the way you have set it as follows:

  • the Group information to the Data explorer
  • the Posting information to the Posting explorer
  • the media incl. information to the Media explorer

Save Groupmembers

Here the information about groupmembers can be scanned and saved to the Data explorer.

Save profile pictures (friends, reactions, comments )

  • Profile pictures of accounts that have given reactions or commented can be saved

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